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Type 'n Cash is a typing game site that improves your typing speed and accuracy in each simple random word and let you build up your typing skills faster. While playing our game, Type 'n Cash supports wide range of devices, to make your typing experience more comfortable and enjoyable.

It can be played on Desktop, Android and Apple/IOS Devices that make you easier to play.

Type 'n Cash doen't require membership fee, if ever someone offers you a fee then don't hesitate to report to us so that we can take action. It is 100% free and nothing to stress over.

Type 'n Cash is the best way to earn while you enjoy! So, sign up now and start earning while typing random words!


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Things we offer

Type N Cash offers you a playful and enjoyable game that will gain your typing skills and gives you additional profit in every points you've earned.

Test your typing skills

We provide free online typing game to check your typing speed and accuracy based on words per minute. Check here!

Typing words with extra income

You'll be given 2 minutes to type random words that will flash on the site and in every points you've earned will gives you additional income. Don't have account? Sign Up here!

Time interval for registered users

After you play within 2 minutes, there will be time interval of 1 hour to balance the earnings of users.

Referral Points

You will be given referral points everytime the user successfully sign up with your referral code and play once in our game.

Payment Methods

Available payment method: Gcash, E-load(Smart, Globe and TM), Razer Gold for Mobile Legends, PUBG, Rules of survival and etc., Palawan Express and Steam Wallet.

Frequently Asked Questions

You can earn just by typing random words that will show on your screen within 2 minutes. Also, you will keep on playing the following 1 hour for us to balance users by earning points.

You can also earn from your referrals if they play once in our game.

If you earned more than 20,000 points that will be equivalent of $2.00+, you are now eligible to withdraw. We have heaps of withdrawal strategy you can utilize, for example, E-load, Gcash, Razer Gold, Palawan and Steam wallet.

Minimum amount withdrawn on GCash, E-Load and Razer Gold (for Mobile Legends, PUBG, Rules of survival and many more...): $2 = ₱100
Minimum amount withdrawn on Palawan and Steam wallet: $5 = ₱250.00

You will be conveniently paid thru:

  • GCash
  • Load for TM, Globe, and Smart
  • Razer Gold for Mobile Legends, PUBG, Rules of survival and many more...
  • Palawan
  • Steam Wallet

Your request will be provided 1-10 business days from the date of request but still depends on the amount requested. Notifications will be sent through the registered email you have provided.

The first five referrals will have 500 points and then the rest will have percentage commission based on the earnings of your referred user.

Referral points automatically claim if your referred person will play once and both of you will get points to your respective account.

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Have questions? Make sure that you visited and read our discussions. Don't worry! Type 'n Cash is absolutely free to play.